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What is Text Ads Exchange?

Solution Q : What is Text Ads Exchange?
A : Text Ads exchange, is a place where people can share:
Information on a website, offer business opportunities,
or most often is .... offer services and products online that they have. By opening their email, you will be rewarded with credit points,
the more you open the email from them, the more points you accumulate credit.

Q : For what credit points do I have?
A : You can exchange with a particular ad spot.

Q : how much credit points are needed?
A : depending on your chosen form of advertising. If you feel the lack of credit points, You can buy advertising on the menu that we provide.

Q : Do I get bonus advertising each month a loyal member of this site?
A : Yes .... you'll get Free ads, every month, as long as you become a member on our site. How many free advertising obtained, depending on the level of membership held.

Q : How can I get such a free ad?
A : Swap your promotional code that we provide.

Q : Where can I find these promotional codes?
A :
1. in the Scrolling text on the main page.
2. in the announcement box in the members area.
3. in the navigation menu your monthly bonus.
4. email from admin.
5. at our partner sites or affiliates.
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